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A brief summary of key learnings on COVID-19 risk, in case you missed the
live events.
  Infectious disease experts from the UK and France, led by our ESCMID-appointed
chair, explored the continuing importance of identifying patients who remain at high
risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes, and the need for ongoing and adaptive protective
strategies to serve this population.

Yoav Keynan,

ESCMID-appointed chairperson
University of Manitoba,
Manitoba, Canada

Paul Loubet,

CHU Carémeau &
Montpellier University,
Nîmes, France

Key take-home points:
  • COVID-19 hospitalisations and deaths remain disproportionately high for immunocompromised individuals, despite receiving multiple vaccine doses
  • Long-acting antibodies can provide protection against COVID-19 in patients with immunocompromising conditions who do not respond well to vaccination
  • There is a need to expedite the development of new long-acting antibodies due to the evolving nature of SARS-CoV-2
  Roger Paredes, MD, PhD
Head of Department of
Infectious Diseases,
Hospital Germans Trias,
Barcelona, Spain
This session examined patient populations and characteristics associated with a heightened risk
of severe COVID-19 outcomes.
Key take-home points:
  • Immunocompromised individuals have an impaired immune response to vaccination compared with the general population due either to the mechanism of their condition or immunosuppressive therapies they require to manage their condition
  • Therefore, they remain at greater risk of COVID-19 hospitalisation and death, and incur significantly higher healthcare costs than the general population
  • Additional preventative measures such as monoclonal antibodies are needed to protect this vulnerable population from severe COVID-19 outcomes

These were non-promotional sessions organised and funded by AstraZeneca.

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